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Seahorse Tank-mates
There is a variety of fish, corals & critters that are SAFE to keep with your Seahorses. Take a look at the list below - you may be just a little surprised.

When we first started to keep Seahorses we did make mistakes in our choice of tank mates and had to quickly catch the offending fish. Any boisterous fish will quickly eat the food before the Seahorses had a chance to eat, peaceful fish by nature are the best choice. If you are still not sure research the fish you would like to add. Please remember that what suits one person's tank may not suit your own.
Neon Goby
Yellow Goby
Tridacnid Clams
Clove Polyps
Red / Purple Firefish
Emerald Crabs
Finger Leathers
Pipe Fish
Banded Serpent Stars
Bush/Tree Corals
Shrimp Fish
Psychedelic / Mandarinfish
Cleaner Shrimps
Pulsing Xenia
Royal Gramma
Fire Shrimps
Button Polyps
Pyjama Cardinalfish
Peppermint Shrimps
Sea Rods
Scooter Blennies
Bicolour Blennies
Porcelain Crabs
Corky Sea Fingers
Yellow Watchman / Blackfinned Watchman Goby
Turbo Snails
Star Polyps
Curious Wormfish
Fighting Conch
Mushroom Corals
Sunrise Dottyback
Leather Toadstools
Fourline / Sixline Wrasse
Feather Dusters
Waving Hand Coral
Scissortail / Zebra Goby
Cerith Snails
Pagoda Cup Corals
Blue-Green Chromis
Astraea Snails
Torch Corals

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